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General Camping

Your campsite is your place to call home and will provide a reunion for old friends and new. General camping is free for all with a festival ticket but don’t be shy to check out the powered campsites in our Electric City or the luxury camping offerings available at an extra cost on top of your festival ticket – go on, you won’t regret it!

The beauty and diversity of Lardner Park allows us to set your camping in the lushest of green fields with views of rolling hills beyond. All amenities have been catered for to ensure that your festival experience is one like no other. We will have ample showering and toilet facilities to provide you with a level of cleanliness and comfort unseen in our current landscape.


Since being rejected last year, we’ve been working tirelessly with local and state authorities over the past 12 months and are now extremely delighted to be able to structure a safe, practical and pleasant camping experience and entry process for our patrons! Similarly to the first Beyond The Valley you will now be able to set up your campsite directly next to your car in the general campgrounds and electric city.

We would like to thank the Baw Baw Shire and all the local authorities for working with us in creating a safer and better event for 2016 and beyond.