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Beyond The Valley wouldn’t be half as fun without the incredible parkland that plays host to our annual New Years festivities. As our way of saying a big green THANK YOU to Mother Nature for the kick-ass venue, we’ve come up with a few simple ways you and your mates can give thanks too!

How you ask? Easy Peasy.

  1. First is an oldie but a goldie; RECYCLE. Disposing of your waste in the correct bins will keep our festival site and planet looking spick-and-span in the short and long term. So please, be mindful when getting rid of waste to place things in their respective bins. You will find these bins at the ‘Necess-Cities’ hubs all throughout the site for your own convenience.
  2. Make good use of the garbage bags provided to you upon arrival to the festival. Keeping your site clean as you go means no nasty food left-overs squelching between your toes as you step out of your tent first thing in the morning.
  3. At the end of the festival remember to take your camping equipment home with you – it can be reused for many festivals to come! Otherwise, there are plenty of charities who would be stoked to receive donations of camping equipment and other bits and pieces.
  4. CARPOOL with friends – this is a favourite. Not only will you get to share in the fun that is road tripping to a camping festival with your friends BUT you will also be contributing fewer emissions into the atmosphere. Less cars on the road to BTV means less travel emissions. No need to be concerned about decreasing your chances of getting auxiliary chord ownership, whoever is on tune selection responsibilities is bound to play music from the official Beyond The Valley spotify playlist… so you’re in good hands.

Have more eco-friendly ideas you’d like to share?
Email us your go-to enviro friendly tips and tricks for camping festivals no matter how quirky or down-right practical – [email protected]