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For all questions relating to ticket purchases, please contact Eventbrite here.

Are tickets only available online?

Some hard copy tickets are available through friends of Beyond the Valley.

Does my name need to be on the ticket?

Yes. To ensure the validity of the ticket, we require your name to be on your ticket. At the event, security will check to ensure your name on your ID matches the name on your ticket. Please note that names only need to be on tickets purchased online. If you purchase a hard copy ticket from a promoter, your name does not need to be on it.

Can I change the name on my ticket?

Yes. Name changes will be available through our website from September 1st. Please note that name changes will incur an admin fee. Just hover your mouse over the “tickets” tab on our website, then click “name change”

Is camping included in my ticket?

Yes, free onsite camping is included in the ticket price. All camping add-ons such as Electric City and Lux Camp will need to be purchased in addition to a festival ticket.

Do I have to buy a car pass?

No. Provided all guests in a vehicle have a valid festival ticket no car pass is needed.

How much space do we get per campsite?

Each car will be placed in its allocated campsite where you will camp nex to your car. This site accommodates for approximately 4-5 people, hence we encourage car-pooling. To camp in larger groups please ensure your convoy arrives at the festival together and you will be allocated campsites next to each other.

My friend has a ticket that looks different to mine, is that okay?

Yes. Due to the various means of attaining a Beyond the Valley ticket, yours may look different to others. Please ensure it is barcoded and branded by Beyond The Valley/Eventbrite and if in doubt purchase online through the Beyond The Valley website.

If I have a different ticket type to my friends can I still camp with them?

No, cars will be allocated to campsite areas according to the passes they have Eg. Electric City Pass, Luxury camping or General Camping. Please ensure all cars in your convoy have the same pass – For example, if you have a general ticket with no add-ons and your friends car has an Electric City pass you will need to purchase an Electric City ticket to be able to camp with them.

Is there a limit on how many tickets I can buy?
No. The more the merrier!

No. The more the merrier!

Wristbands at the event?

You will be issued a wristband when you have your ticket scanned at the festival. There are no replacements for lost wristbands; the only way they can be removed is with scissors. Wristbands will not be replaced and cannot be transferred to friends.

Replacing lost tickets?

If you cannot find your online ticket purchased through Eventbrite, contact them here. If you have purchased a hard ticket through a promoter you must treat this ticket as if it were cash. There are no replacements on hard copy tickets.

I’ve purchased an Electric City powered camping ticket, does this get me into the festival?

No. Electric City tickets do not include your festival pass. You must also purchase a festival ticket.

I’ve purchased a Luxury Camping ticket, does this get me into the festival?

No. Luxury Camping tickets do not include your festival pass. You must also purchase a festival ticket.

Getting There

Can I drive to the festival and back each day?

Provided you leave your car in the allocated car park you may leave and return the next day. Please contact us before the event to arrange this. Contact [email protected]

Can I get dropped off and picked up from the festival?

Yes, there will be a drop off point and car park just outside the festival site.

Can I catch public transport to the Beyond The Valley?

Yes, for more information about getting to Beyond The Valley via public transport, head to our Getting There page.

Who To Contact

How do I apply to work or volunteer at Beyond The Valley?

You can apply to volunteer at Beyond The Valley here

How do I apply to become a caterer or hold a market stall at Beyond The Valley?

You can apply to become a caterer or hold a market stall here

Who can I contact for press enquiries?

For all press related queries, please contact [email protected]

When will set times be released?

We will release the full schedule closer to the event date. Please note this is subject to change.

What To Bring

Can we bring kids?

No, this is a strictly 18+ event. All patrons must bring photo identification in the form of either drivers license, key pass, proof of age card or passport.

Can I bring a campervan or caravan?

Yes. However, all flammables must be removed prior to the event, these include gas bottles.

Please note that gas bottles will be confiscated. Please also note that you are not guaranteed to camp near your friends in a campervan or caravan as you will be placed in a campervan campsite.

Can we bring a port-a-loo?

No. There will be plenty of toilet facilities around the site.

Can we bring a couch?

No. You cannot bring any couches or large furniture.

Can I bring alcohol to the festival?

No, we have a strict NO BYO ALCOHOL policy. We are a licensed event so there will be numerous bars set up throughout the event to purchase alcohol. If you appear intoxicated however, you will not be served. Cars will be searched upon entry.

At The Festival

What form of ID will I need at the festival?

You will need one of the following IDs on arrival and on your person throughout the entire event:

What time do gates open?

Is EFTPOS accepted onsite?

Yes, EFTPOS is accepted at the bars. There will also be ATMs on site however still be sure to bring cash with you.Will there be ATM’s onsite? Yes, there will be ATMs available throughout the site. Please refer to your site map for locations.

Will there be ATM’s onsite?

Yes, there will be ATMs available throughout the site. Please refer to your site map for locations.

Is there disabled access?

Yes, however please be mindful that the event is set upon natural terrain and sometime uneven. Beyond the Valley has put provisions in place to best accommodate for disabled persons, but so we can do our best to meet your needs please email [email protected] with any special requirements you may have or for further information.

Do we get to pick our camping spots?

No, you will be allocated camp spots by our helpful staff, however please note;

Is there power onsite?

Yes! If you purchase an Electric City or Luxury Camping ticket you will be allocated to a campsite with a 1 x 240V, 10amp plug. You will not have power if you’re staying in the general camping grounds.

Will there be vegetarian and vegan options onsite?

Yes, we have an incredible range of high-quality food stalls and trucks catering to all dietary requirements.

Can I camp on the 1st of January?

Unfortunately no. As much as we would all like to keep the party going, we have staff that need to get home to their families and to catch up on some much needed sleep. There will be various food stalls and relaxing areas open to help you shake your first hangover of the year however all patrons must exit by 4pm on Jan 1st.

What other items are banned from the Festival?

Alcohol, glass, weapons, illegal drugs, fire works, fire twirling devices, flares, professional recording devices, laser lights, studded clothing apparel, any other items considered illegal or dangerous, animals.

What type of camera can I bring?

You can bring anything from an iPhone to a disposable camera however we do not permit professional cameras of any kind. Any camera with a detachable lens is not permitted.

What does a total fire ban mean?

A total fire ban means that we don’t allow any fire, fireworks, cooking facilities, flares, sparklers, gas bottles or the like. Please be aware that especially that time of year, there will be a total fire ban due to the extreme weather conditions. Anyone found with any of these items will be immediately ejected from the festival and issued with fines.

What medical facilities are available?

There will be full medical facilities available on site. You can find the location of these on our site map. If you have any trouble finding our first aid tents, don’t hesitate to ask one of our friendly staff for assistant.

I have prescription medicines that need to be stored/refrigerated, is this possible?

Yes, please see our first aid tent immediately after you arrive so you can make arrangements with your medication.