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Is your name on your ticket?

Tickets purchased online to BTV must have your name on them. If the name on your ticket does not match your ID, you will not be permitted into the festival. You can change the name on your ticket here until the 20th of Dec.

Please note that if you’ve sold a ticket to someone else, you must process the name change… not the person who has purchased the ticket from you. If after the 20th Dec your name is still not on your ticket, you will need to bring a signed authorisation form from the person who’s name is on your ticket and a photocopy of their ID allowing you to use their ticket. You can download the authorisation below.

If you’ve sold a ticket to someone else, you must inform them that they need to bring the signed authorisation form with them or they will not be permitted entry to the festival. Click the button below to download the authorisation form. Please note that because you have not processed a name change before the closing date of the 20th of December, the new ticket holder will be required to pay an admin fee of $30 when the arrive at the festival.

In future to save these fees, we highly recommend purchasing your ticket directly through our ticketing page rather than from another person.

Download Authorisation Form